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There is a wide variety of rental housing in Bellingham, Washington. Whether you're looking for a home, apartment, condo, multi-family living, or just a room for rent, you're sure to find just the right place through this list of local property management companies. 

Worried that nothing affordable will be located within the city limits? Don't worry, there are plenty of available units located all over Bellingham. Many affordable apartments and houses can be found around Western Washington Unversity. There are also condos and apartments located right downtown, or near one of the many shopping centers for your convenience.  

If you prefer to rent-to-own a home or do a "lease option" please call us for possible homes that would fit your needs. 360-312-5151 

Rental Agencies to help your search... 

Bellingham Herald 

Property Management Professionals 

Son Rise Property Management 

Bay View Property Management 

APEX Property Management 

Chuckanut Property Management 

Adams Property Management 

BEST Real Estate Management 

Senior Housing Assistance Group 

Vacation Rentals 

Vacation Rentals by Owner 

Birch Bay Getaway Cabins 

Bellingham Vacation Home Rentals 

Home Away from Home 

Bed & Breakfasts 

Bellingham Hotels 

It's my job to know EVERYTHING about Whatcom County, Sudden Valley and Bellingham! Ask me any question. Or request a FREE information package. There's no obligation, and I promise to get back to you quickly... 


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It can be difficult to make an informed homebuying decision when confronted by advice from too many "experts." If you have just found the house you want to buy, you are probably feeling completely thrilled and confused at the same time. You trust the agent who helped you and feel that the advice you received is solid. But you also want to get opinions about the house from your best friend, your parents, and your Uncle Chuck, who has an inactive real estate license.

If you get input from too many sources, you could find yourself even more confused than you already are. Your best friend can provide moral support, but might not know the market in your area. Your parents may go into shock because they feel that they got so much more house for their money 30 years ago--and it cost them a fraction of the price you are going to pay.

Even though Uncle Chuck passed the real estate exam, his insights won't be as relevant as those of a professional who is currently working the market. It's not that you shouldn't consult your family and friends--just don't go overboard. Rely on the advice of professionals you trust--a structural inspector, loan officer, and a good real estate agent, so that you can feel comfortable about having made an informed decision.

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What is the largest home in Hollywood?

The largest home in Hollywood is currently "The Manor" at 36,500 square feet, built by T.V. producer Aaron Spelling for $37 million.
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Chris Weitzel & Associates, REALTOR®, real estate agent and broker for Whatcom County, Sudden Valley and Bellingham Washington home listings, property and land for sale - NUMBER1EXPERT(tm)

Chris Weitzel & Associates
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Chris Weitzel & Associates is the #1 Real Estate "Team" in Whatcom County and we have over a combined 65 years of experience. With a top listing agent, two buyer's agents, a marketing specialist and a transaction coordinator - we have all the professionals and tools to handle any real estate transaction. We hope that you will choose Weitzel & Associates to represent you during your next real estate move in Whatcom County.



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